Ecommerce solutions that drive sales . . .

Ecommerce, or online shopping, is growing exponentially the world over and especially in the UK where it is worth over £100bn per annum. The comsumer market place as we know it is changing and prospective customers are demanding more and more sophistication. For the business that knows they should be going online but does not have the expertise, it can be a very daunting process.

At Web Digital we develop your ecommerce website after analysing your target market and specific needs in detail. Our ecommerce Leicestershire websites are affordable, feature rich and search engine optimised and are delivered with a full range of support and consultancy services to ensure that your entry into ecommerce will be a successful and profitable one.

Below is just some of the extended functionality that Web Digital ecommerce, Leicestershire provide for our clients to empower their ecommerce websites and improve the user experience.


Intuitive Store Management

An  easy to use administration interface, featuring powerful marketing tools and extensive catalogue management, will give your business the power to create a rich and powerful online shopping experience for your prospective customers.

Form and Function

Form follows function and our ecommerce solutions not only deliver the functionality to deliver and sell your products online but also allow you to tailor the look and feel of your site to conform with your company image.

Cost Effective Design

Our ecommerce sites are designed to be cost effective from the start. Whether you require a completely customised design, something less expensive based on a template or maybe something in between we have a solution for you. 

Flexible Product Catalogue

Our ecommerce solutions are designed to accommodate your product inventory including  colour and size variationts. Organize your stock the way you want with product groups, sorting options, cross and up selling options and much more.

PayPal Payment Processing

PayPal is one of the leaders in quick, easy and cost-effective payment methods. PayPal enables your customers pay in just a few clicks, without sharing their financial details and even if they do not have a Paypal acoount,  with safety and convenience.

User Experience

Our Ecommerce solutions are designed around your business, our designs are user friendly and intuitive. By designing a solution that is professional, slick and easy to use we increase your customer satisfaction and return on investment.

Sage Pay Integration

Streamlined integration of Sage Pay allows our clients to process payments securely online and over the phone. Sage Pay is the UK & Ireland’s largest independent payment service provider (PSP).

Payment Fraud Protection

Our payment system not only allows for secure payment processing direct from your website, but each transaction is checked and monitored for threat levels. Instant anti-fraud information on all processed payments give your business peace of mind.

On-line Marketing

Online marketing is crucially important for the performance of your ecommerce website.  We build our sites to the highest SEO standards and use the latest, ethical SEO techniques to ensure your site performs well on all of the major search engines.

Multi-channel Marketing

To support your ecommerce site we can expand your business across multiple channels. We also provide online marketing and social media campaign management to maximise your online exposure.

Ecommerce Tuned Hosting

Our Premium UK Web Hosting is based on cutting-edge multihomed ‘Virtual Dedicated Server’ technology which provides fast, high availability and ultra-reliable access to your customers - 100% uptime guaranteed.

Email marketing

Email marketing allows you to deliver your message to prospects and clients using email. It is designed to develop trust and brand awareness, enhance your relationship with current clients and encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.